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We believe in
English Language Learners.

So, we reinvented the
bilingual dictionary.

These are NOT ordinary bilingual dictionaries and glossaries. They provide students with key concepts, vocabulary for the subject, as well as directions given by teachers and textbooks in core subjects.

No picture dictionary can portray certain basic concepts, and it takes a teachers’ valuable time to translate each phrase. In response, WizdomInc reinvented the concept of the bilingual dictionary. Each product includes the academic language relative to a subject’s key terms and definitions - available in English and in the second language. Key terms are chosen according to state guidelines for each year of a students’ learning life. Our products seek to provide English Language Learners equal access to the curriculum by making content comprehensible. To date, we have translated our works into 7 languages and sold into 17 states.

These could be very useful to thousands of educators and hundreds of thousands of students...You are providing an important service to education and other fields​.

Norm Gold/Norm Gold Associates

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Our dictionaries directly impact the education of immigrants and those who have lived in the United States but have not become fluent in English. We believe that if they can comprehend English vocabulary in a variety of contexts, they will be able to continue their education at higher levels and be more employable.


The Bilingual Content Dictionaries include a subject’s key terms, definitions, concepts, and common phrases used by teachers.


Our Glossaries share the identical content of the Dictionaries, but they include only direct translations of the terms, with no definitions or formulae.  


WizdomInc’s Occupational Dictionaries  include greetings, phrases, lists of verbs, directions, and nouns like equipment, tools, and materials.


Study Aids include the Verb Book. A unique collection of 350 verbs. and the VERB Practice Pad to help students practice by writing the conjugated form of the verb

This product will be pivotal in changing the way English Language Learners progress in English language acquisition. I highly recommend WizdomInc’s bilingual content dictionaries.

Dr. H. Polk, BA Radcliffe, MA Stanford University, PhD. Education at Claremont - taught in California schools, Southeast Asia, and Universities in California and Florida

because we make content comprehensible

WizdomInc has done extensive research into available titles from educational publishers, favorite titles of bilingual educators and state-endorsed titles from California. Our findings indicate that there are many resources for young children. But above age 8, there is very little. And there are no dictionaries for students that are specific to the core subject matter. The only dictionaries of this kind are intended for teachers. WizdomInc's dictionaries fulfill that very real need. 

The dictionaries are helpful for teaching other subjects, not only for English, especially since it seems students are being mainstreamed out of ESL 4. More parents are requesting their kids to be mainstreamed to catch up with the political English Only trend.

Ms. R. Miller, LAUSD University of California at Irvine
teacher in Boyle Heights for 25 years; and CAL State LA

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